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Natural Healing Spa is committed out the use of products and resources, which have the least impact on our ecosystem.  Using organic, botanical, and all natural ingredients to pamper, detoxify and re-energize the body.  

The stresses of everyday life are felt not only in our mind, but in our bodies as well.  Spend some time with yourself, to lay back, relax, and let the hands of our experienced professional practitioners release the stress and tension from your body.  Your skin will be left feeling soft, fresh, vibrant, and radiantly youthful?  Set on our Far-Infrared Sauna and Sock your body in our Hot-Tub before or after. You will feel wonderfully renewed and free from stress.

Menu of Services

Mendocino Essential Swedish Massage
Reap the benefits of this classic Swedish relaxation massage.  Long flowing strokes will be combined with a variety of soothing techniques to address areas of tension.  Increasing oxygen flow in the blood and releasing toxins from the muscles promoting a sense of health.  Enjoy a head-to-toe feeling of well-being.
Price: $95.00 (60 min)          $139.00 (90 min)
Price with Far-Infrared Sauna and Hot-Tub: $129.00/$169.00

Comprehensive Deep Tissue & Myofascial Release
This massage focuses on bodywork techniques that use deeper pressure to target one or two areas of concern while releasing tension.  Perfect for chronic muscle discomfort, knots and tension, Deep Tissue Massage is performed with hands, forearms and elbow.  Stretching and joint mobilization techniques will be interwoven to increase overall circulation and flexibility. The intensity and pressure of deep tissue work also increases the flow of blood & oxygen, relieves tension at the core of tight muscles, and helps reduce inflammation and pain.
Price: $129.00 (60 min)       $169.00 (90 min)

Price with Far-Infrared Sauna and Hot-Tub: $159.00/$195.00

Sea Breeze Romance – Couples Massage
The magic of romance and the vitality of the sea meet in one extraordinary treatment.  Two expert massage technicians will pamper you and your partner with a delightful blend of massage techniques to relax and nurture both of you.
Price: $199.00 (60 min)          $279.00 (90 min)

Price with Far-Infrared Sauna and Hot-Tub: $259.00/$339.00

Thai Massage
Thai massage is believed to have been developed more than 2,500 years ago in India.  It made its way to Thailand, where the Ayurvedic techniques and principles gradually became influenced by traditional Chinese medicine.  Thai massage is more energizing and rigorous than more classic forms of massage; Thai massage is also called Thai yoga massage, because the therapist uses his or her hands, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches. 
Price: $115.00 (60 min)       $169.00 (90 min)       
Price with Far-Infrared Sauna and Hot-Tub: $149.00/$199.00

Thai Herbal
Aromatic herbs and spices are wrapped in warm muslin and applied directly to the body in a kneading action.  Heat and herbs are absorbed by the body to help reduce aches and pains, increase lymphatic drainage and condition the skin.
Price: $115.00 (60 min)       $169.00 (90 min)
Price with Far-Infrared Sauna and Hot-tub: $149.00/$199.00

Warm Stone Massage
A therapeutic, full body massage using warm river stones hand collected from Mendocino Coast are gently warmed to the perfect therapeutic temperature and expertly placed on key energy chakra points of the body to softens tight muscles, eases tension, relax the mind and soul.  Exotic hot oils are selected to sooth and relax tired senses.  Designed to achieve inner peace and tranquility, the therapy is finished with a whole body rhythmic massage.  The life energy of the warm stones induces a profound sedative effect on the body in a massage that’s perfect for our cool coastal days.
Price: $135.00 (60 min)       $175.00 (90 min)
Price with Far-Infrared Sauna and Hot-Tub: $169.00/$205.00 

Organic Botanical Aromatherapy Massage
Trust your senses.  Awaken the body and soothe the soul with the healing power of oils selected just for you.  Your special blend of aromatic oils will melt into your skin as you relax in moist heated towels.  This treatment may also be a delightful addition to any other treatment.
Price: $120.00 (60min)        $155.00 (90 min) or $50.00 to add Aromatherapy to any other treatment.
Price with Far-Infrared Sauna and Hot-Tub: $150.00/$185.00

Sea Salt Scrub with Massage
Mineralized Nutrient rich sea salts rubbed deep into your skin.  Infused with aromatherapy oils are used to exfoliate the body followed by a nourishing warm shea butter massage.  Your body is left glowing recharged. 
Price: $189.00 (90 min)
Price: with Far-Infrared Sauna and Hot-Tub: $219.00

Sports Massage
Sports Massage combines vigorous strokes, compression, stretches and trigger point techniques to reduce muscle soreness, thus increasing the blood flow.  Muscles are lengthened and free motion is improved.  Essential when preparing for sports activities or after your workout.
Price: $115.00 (60 min)       $169.00 (90 min)
Price with Far-Infrared Sauna and Hot-Tub: $149.00/$199.00

Coast Inn & Natural Healing Spa Packages
$1199.00 for Couple with Spa room for 2 nights, 4 hr. use of Natural Healing Spa (Far-Infrared Sauna, Steam and Red Clay Room, Sunbeam Capsule, Jade Thermal Massage, Vibration Exercises, Rebounding Exercises) 90 min Therapeutic Massage per person, free Alkalizing Water, Tea, 2 free Botanical Garden Tickets and 2 free Alkalizing daily special meals per day.
Price for one person: $879.00

Natural Healing Spa Menu

Jade Thermal Massage
The proven Oriental therapeutic techniques, targets pressure points along the spine with a precise and relaxing massage offers the same therapeutic benefits as with an acupressure and acupuncture session.  Moxibustion and Helium Bulbs/Far-Infrared Rays providing heat to specific points stimulate and encourage better blood circulation.  For thousands of years, jade has been known as a mysterious healing stone in Oriental Medicine.  When heated, jade emits negative ions that are essential for the body’s natural anti-aging system. 
Price: $49.00 (35 min)

Sunbeam Capsule
“The Light of Life” is a special warmer that generates pure Far-Infrared Rays (4~18 mm) to promote a strong immune system.  The Sunbeam Capsule has a safe and healthy delivery system to transfer the dynamic wave energy into the internal organs of the human body.  Carbon fiver plate heater is made by using the special carbon fiber that is produced in a vacuum condition several thousands higher in temperature.  It gets the pure Far-Infrared rays for good health similar to the human body’s absorption wave length range.  Far-infrared treatment help increase blood circulation which specifically help blood cells travel easier through small vessels.  In turn, the body is supported to utilize its calories and dissolve accumulated fats.  Healthy cells are made stronger and aggressively push out toxins from within themselves.
Price: $79.00 (30 min) 

Golden Marble Red Clay Room
Enjoy the warmth, comfort and healing benefits of the Golden Marble Red Clay Room with Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps.  This carefully designed red clay room has natural occurring benefits from the Red Clay Marble flooring which removes odor and regulates humidity.  The Himalayan crystal salts are healthful due to its negative ions that help cleanse and improve the quality and freshness of the air you breathe.  Relax in a peaceful environment with naturally heated pure marble flooring that releases Far-Infrared rays.  The health benefits of Red Clay room promote healing by raising the white blood cell count which means stronger immunity of the human body.  Far-Infrared rays have the ability to penetrate deeply and permeate thoroughly into the hypodermic layer of a person’s skin (sp to 1.5 ~2 inches).  This warms the body from the inside increased metabolism and blood circulation which creates a cleansing effects and allowing toxins to flush out form the body through perspiration with minimum exercise.
Price: $39.00 (30 min)          $59.00 (60 min) 

Far-Infrared Sauna
Truly beneficial far-infrared originally comes to us from the sun.  The full light spectrum is produced by the sun, and within the scale of that spectrum at 0.75 to 1000 micron is infrared (IR).  It is the essential radiant heat needed by living organisms to rejuvenate blood flow and deliver oxygen proportionally throughout the body.  Your body uses these waves for daily consumption from the sun.  IR is thus, a natural radiant heat that you need to sustain life.

Far-infrared (FIR) begins at around 5 micron to 1000 micron.  FIR waves are absorbed by the body to aid in the healing process, balance body circulation and activate metabolism in tissues and cells.  In comparison to all different types of energy which come from the sun, the FIR is the safest and the most beneficial electromagnetic energy source.  Most of the human body heat is typical radiated away as FIR at the 8 to 12 micron wavelength.  The human body absorbs energy easily from the radiated FIR wave of 8-12 micron wavelengths.  Extensive biological research has shown that FIR wavelengths of 6 to 15 micron are beneficial to the human body and consequently are known as physiological energy or Bio-Genetic energy.
Price: $39.00 (30 min) 

Steam Room with Herbs
Price: $39.00 (30 min)

Foot Detox
Price: $75.00 (30 min)

Gentle Colon Hydrotherapy
Price: $125.00 (1 hr)

Vibration Exercises
Vibration technology was originally developed for astronauts to counteract the harsh effects of zero gravity on the human body.  Scientists first discovered the positive effects vibration technology had on strengthening muscles, increasing flexibility and improving bone density.  Decades of research have revealed that vibration also help the lymph drainage and blood circulation, fighting cellulite and strengthening collagen, as well as decreasing levels of cortisol, a hormone released during stress.  Vibration technology exercise increases the metaboilic rate which results in a higher caloric burn and individuals who trained for 10 minutes, three times a week with vibration technology reduced a considerable more amount of fat than those who do aerobic activity for one hour, three times a week.
Price: $19.00 (10 min)

Natural Healing Day-Spa Packages
Price: $489.00 whole package with hot-tub plus free Alkalizing Water, Tea and one Alkalizing meal
*Could change from Colon Hydrotherapy to 1 hr Therapeutic Massage
$589.00 plus 1 hr Therapeutic Massage
$1499.00 for Couple with Spa room for 2 nights and free 2 Alkalizing meals a day

In-Body Composition Analysis
Price: $35.00

Nutritional Microscopy Live & Dry Blood Cell Analysis
See your body in a different light through Live and Dry Blood Cell analysis.  You may observe:

  • Activity of the immune system
  • Parasites, yeast, fungus, mold
  • Condition of the red blood cells, liver, kidney, pancreatic, heart, lung, prostate, ovaries, breast and other organ stress.
  • Features associated with blood sugar imbalance, nutritional deficiency.
  • Crytalline forms, uric acid, cholesterol
  • Phenomena associated with gastro-intestinal tract dysfunction and degenerative conditions and more.

Viewing of live and dry blood is not a diagnostic procedure for any specific disease.  you can see the characteristic of your blood live on a computer screen which can give current information as it pertains to the biological terrain of you (abnormalities appear in the blood sometimes years before they manifest themselves as illness.)  This valuable information can assist you by alerting to the advisability of medical referral, or assist you with pH balance and alkaline nutritional detoxification and cleansing program to optimize health and prevent the onset of disease.  Health problems may be prevented with early detoxification and cleansing with proper nutritional intervention.
Price: $475.00 (1 hr)


  • Guests are reminded that reservation cancellations are allowed up to 24 hours prior to treatment start time.
  • Changes are allowed depending on resource availability. For reservations please call: 707-964-4914
  • Treatments available 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
  • After-hours treatments available for an additional $25.00 per person

The Natural Healing and Spa is not a medical facility and we do not give medical advice or treatments.

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